Windows update now no Internet PC world said delete hard drive.

Hello this being my first post so a BIG hello.

A couple of weeks ago my laptop installed windows 7 up dates then shut down and restarted only to find there is no Internet connection.

my laptop come with a warranty from PC world so after hours of trying to resolve the problem I took it to PC world they looked at the laptop and tried this tried that but we're unable to find the course, they went on saying the best solution would be to wipe the hard drive but I have so much on my laptop it would take forever to update all my software.

my Internet connection now is using my daughters iPad.

hope you guys can help me.
thanks in advance.

Yes it does have mcafee I've just deleted it now Internet back on I'm just downloading mcafee again to see if it works correctly.

Just downloaded Mcafee back on laptop everything seems to be back to normal not sure what happened or why it happened.


Noob Whisperer
Thanks for the followup information.
I don't think anyone is really sure. There was some speculation that McAfee updates combined with certain microsoft security updates was responsible, but I have not been able to actually confirm that.
Anyhow glad to hear you are back in operation again.

Thanks yes I'm up and running Again.
thanks for the quick reply.

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