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For the last year or so i have had this issue,

when i leave my computer on over night and an update comes up and installs apon reboot, My screen comes up with 4 tiles, when i go to desk top all my folders are missing bookmarks are gone in explorer and firefox, now gen when this happens i see a notification that states you are logged into a alternate profile to go back sign out and sign back in.... never works i am the sore user on this computer, what used to fix this was a system restore... for last 2 days this refuses to work,, is there a way i can restore my destop files and so on?


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You could try 'Last good known config' by booting into the Advanced boot up options. You can find these via the settings charm, change pc settings and then General.

didnt even work. lost a lot of valuable info going to call , well that settled it for our company as im not the only one ... looking like we will be migrating back to a linux based os, hope they can fix mine


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I'd be a sore user too, if my computer did that!

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Is it logging you in under your correct User Account Name?

The desktop data may be saved someplace under the username that you were logged into.
Look in C:\ Users\ Username\ Desktop and see if your stuff is there.

Try downloading and installing Agent Ransack and run a search for any of the missing files, looking on your whole C drive and see if it finds them. Find one you'll probably fine them all.

If you have a restore point try going back to an earlier date.

Personally I never let Windows install updates automatically.
I have it set to download them and notify me so I can install them when I'm looking at it.

I don't trust it alone at night.

I've had issues in the past when I got up and found my computer had shut down and wouldn't boot so now I just turn it off at night. All it's doing is sucking in dog hair if I leave it on anyway.

This also gets back to my fanatical "Never save anything important in only one location" message.

I take this to extremes but only a few months ago my computer got hit by lightning, my paranoia saved me.
All my stuff was safe on external hard drives.

Good luck I know how frustrating it is to have stuff disappear.
But it really sound like you are not logged in as the same user, so you are seeing a different desktop.


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