Windows uses the fan so much.


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Windows almost abuses the fan on my laptop. Toshiba Satellite C875-S7303. Whenever I try to run Borderlands 2, while loading the game the laptop overheated. Windows 8 (which came with the laptop) did the same thing, then I wiped it and put Ubuntu 13.04 on it and it never overheated. Is there a way to keep Windows from using the fan, because the heat that the fan is generating is definitely causing the issue. When the fan is running loudly, it crashes a minute later.

You have the cause and effect backwards. The fan doesn't cause the heat, the fan attempts to get rid of the heat. Your experience would suggest that Borderlands 2 puts heavy demands on the system, which Linux is able to handle without overheating but Windows is not. It also suggests that something is wrong with either the software or Windows because software should never be able to cause the system to overheat and crash (unless you've tweaked the system).


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Agree with Fixer: the reason that it crashes when the fan goes with full power is = the reason that the fan goes with full power is heat = the fan tries to get rid of the heat. Fans don't cause heat, they get rid of it.

Good old housewife method: vacuum cleaner. Or pressurized air in an aerosol can. One solution could be a laptop cooler you place under the laptop. And, fans can be cleaned with a moist tissue, perhaps some light solvent --- BUT don't do this with computer turned on!!! If your fans are dirty, their effect drops, drastically.

You need both hot air flowing out and cool air flowing in. Check the ventilation, in and out may be covered with dust?

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