Windows Won't Boot Past Logo

I have an OEM install, meaning I have no disc. I installed SlimDrivers to run some driver updates, one in particular for a USB port failed. I went to restart my computer, after 30 minutes it was still hanging at the shutdown screen so I turned it off by the power switch. When I try to boot up my computer now, I get nothing but the Windows logo. I've waited up to 6 hours and it will not progress past this screen. I'm on an x64 system.


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Try booting in Safe Mode and see if that solves your problem ! If so, do process of elimanation ! You might want to restore your computer to an earlier time ! Should help !

Okay, I've managed to boot a recovery disk via USB. I see tons of recovery points, yet when I try to restore I'm being told that "System Protection" must be enabled for the device? Why are recovery points being made if "System Protection" isn't enabled, how can I enable this through the command line or anything? I found what driver is broken by the way, is there some way I can roll that back? I can't boot into safe mode.

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