Windows XP Pro,SP3,emachines,T3104 motherboard-no audio

I am on my third motherboard thinking that is the problem but, still no audio.I have tried several audio programs with no help. System says every thing is good but, when I pick a sound in audio properties the screen shows the sound is playing but, nothing is heard. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Bob, emachines are simple (reliable) systems so when you can see the system playing music but aren’t getting sound from the speakers it will be one of these:

• Make sure that the speakers are turned on.
• Make sure that the volume controls are turned up.
• Make sure that mute controls are turned off.
• If you are using external speakers, check your speaker connections (the green plug) and power... try putting the power plug in a different slot.
• Make sure that the universal jacks are configured correctly. i.e. if you (someone) opened the box, then perhaps the lead connecting the jack plug to the motherboard hasn’t become unattached… I normally consider this least likely but you have stated that you have (replaced?) three motherboards.

I have done all of those, the problem is much deeper than that.


Hey you checked in the services area that the audio service is enabled. I ran into that issue with a Dell running XP.

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