WinExp does NOT show BlueRay content - All other tools do!

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    I have a problem with WinExplorer under 64bit Win 7:

    I inserted a BlueRay or DVD media and want to see the content (approx 12 big zip files) in Windows Explorer.
    But WinExp does not show them (on the right side in details list).

    If I click on the drive in WinExplorer nothing happens.
    Only the Media label is shown beside the drive letter on the left side of WinExp.

    All other tools (e.g. Beyond Compare, Double Commander, Explorer++) show the the containing files successfully.
    Even a "dir" in CommandPrompt shows them.

    I can copy them to my hard disk.
    So the media BlueRay/DVD is not damaged.

    File System is UDF
    As I remember all worked fine a couple of weeks ago.
    Maybe I accidentially switched some settings.

    So why are they not listed in Windows Explorer?

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