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Whoa, get some rest. Understood, we'll try again tomorrow.

Hi all, I figured since I'm having problems similar to this thread I'd post it here.

My home network is basically like this; I have a Modem/Router from my ISP(Westell 327W), and connected to it is an ASUS router(WL-520GU). Connecting to the ASUS router on my PC is fine(wired). The problem is when I want to connect my PC directly to the Modem/Router from my ISP; It does not want to connect to it at all!

Both XP Professional 32-bit and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, both on same PC, does not want to connect to the Modem/Router for some reason. When I start up a Linux live cd however, it has no problem connecting to the Modem/Router from my ISP and having internet access.

Also, when I say connect, I don't just mean connect to the internet, XP/7 acts as if the cable is not plugged in.

Both routers act as a DHCP server as I'm using the old Modem/Router as an AP for wireless devices that can't use WPA2.

Also, I can access the Modem/Router while connected to my ASUS router.

I still think it has something to do with XP or Windows 7, since the Linux Live CD I booted into had no problem connecting to the Modem/Router from my ISP.

Thanks for the help!


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Minimally I would suspect that you would need to perform a ipconfig /release and renew when changing from one device to the other because even if the subnet remains the same, the gateway will almost certainly have changed I suspect (although I could be wrong). Not sure why the live cd would behave differently unless it is just more efficient at determining a network issue is present and promptly repairing the problem by resoliciting the DHCP automatically.

I've tried releasing and renewing many times to no avail. I've also tried reverting my network adapter driver to an older version and uninstalling/reinstalling it, while connected to my modem/router. I've also tried disabling IPv6, and using a manual IP address. None of these seem to work.

Could a specific service not being turned on be the cause of this? If so, what services are(for networking purposes) usually set to automatic?

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just a thought is anyone experiencing this problem running norton ?

also what is your lan or Nic adapter ?

I use Avast, but I don't see how my AV could be stopping me from connecting to the internet.
My network adapter is a "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller."


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I think, if I'm understanding this correctly, that everything works fine when you connect to the Asus device, but the problem is when you bypass the Asus and go directly to the LAN ports on the Westell, we can safely say that the issue is not with the computer itself or the software products installed but more likely an issue between the Gigabit NIC and the Westell.
Some gig nics just won't autonegotiate properly with some routers, this may be the case with the Westell.
You can try setting the speed and duplex on the NIC manually to 100 half or more preferably 100 full just as an experiment to see if we're on the right track. If you need help with that post back and we'll go through the steps with you. Make sure you experiment with both and reboot after each change.

After setting the speed and duplex to 10Mbps Half/Full Duplex Windows 7 finally connected to my router! 100Mbps Half/Full however, did not work. My max internet speed is 3Mbps so there shouldn't be any real difference no?

Thanks for the help!


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Nope you're getting it at 3 and capable of handling 10 seems like a non-issue. Of course full duplex would be best.

Running at 3Mb/sec on a 10/half duplex connection, and not being able to connect at 100Mbit can mean 2 things: 1 either the router, or your network card doesn't support 100 Mbit, or, and this is the most likely cause, your cable/connector bad. I would therefor suggest using a different, new cable.

To the person with the modem - router - pc setup:
First check if the modem is really setup as a modem, and not a router. Meaning: check the external ip address of the router, this should be a public addres, and not 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x
If the outside connection of the router is something like the above addresses, make sure you don't use the same range for dhcp to your pc. as an example: if your router has an external address of the inside dhcp pool should not be 192.168.0 but f.i. 10.0.0.x

Also a good test would be: disconnect the router from the internet modem, and turn on the pc. Do u now have a connection to your router?
Now reconnect the modem, can u still reach the router, and if so, does the router get an ip from the modem?

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