Wireless connectivity problem on Windows 7 starter OS - Netbook


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I recently got a Toshiba netbook 305 (windows 7 starter) and have had wireless connectivity problems. I have another Toshiba laptop (windows 7) and a desktop that work fine on same wireless system. The netbook says connected to wireless network but says no internet on IPV6 but internet on IPV4. Toshiba keeps telling me that the wireless router is not configured correctly (but I know that is not true b/c other laptop internet works) and need to contact wireless router co. and wireless router company says it is a Windows operating system problem and need to contact Toshiba! Toshiba did have me input IPV address manually & it was working on my home wireless network until I used public WIFI network today and had to configure and maybe it overrode the manual settings? Have no clue but very frustrated. Shouldn't it just configure IP address automatically anyhow? Any help??!! Thanks


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Have you checked your settings in your routers web based page?


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I'd be very surprised if IPv6 is actually being used - I'd disable it and see if v4 picks up then.

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