Wireless display through LAN


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I have 2 computers one is running windows 8.1 and one is running windows 7.

There are no issues with the windows 8.1 one. However the Windows 7 is old and has a weak graphics card and is unable to display the wireless display. I checked online for solution but found out that it will not work and had some tests to run and it has failed them which means that it can't.

I am using Anycast and Chromecast and it did not work on either were the Windows 8.1 PC did fine.

The wireless cast H/W has two modes. either direct Wireless connection or through LAN. The idea would be to connect both to the same network.

The old Apple devices do not seem to be able to connect directly through wireless but I was able to connect them with the 2nd mode which is over LAN.

On both windows 8.1 and 7 I am able to search for the device over the network and add it as some sort of UPNP device but it does not give the option to display to it.

What I would like to know is that if there is a way or a software that will allow me to display to the Chome/Any-cast device over LAN like it does with Apple devices so that I can try with the weaker PC that I have.

I remember in 2005 there was a company that came to the office to connect Windows XP to the projector wirelessly over LAN but I have no idea how it was done. So I assume that there is a way today for it to be done.

If there is not particular program for that then maybe there is a Multimedia player that can scan and find such devices over the network.

Please let me know for a solution.