WMP wont play my wmv drm protected file?


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Hi, I have a file which i have downloaded which is drm protected, which is fine because the place i got it is legal and does come with the drm usage rights stuff.

When i open it in wmp 12 though it says receiving the license and asks me to log in which i do, i then get a prompt sayingive logged in and now press play, but when i press play wmp just says it encounted a problem while playing the file.

My licence runs out tomorrow as well, i dunno whats wrong or if my wmp is broke in some way?

I am on a windows 7 64 bit laptop using firefox, ive tried uninstalling wmp and reinstalling, nothing seems to be working :(

Can anyone help?



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Whilst agreeing with kemical, all this fuss about copyrights is rather confusing. Are we entering a period where one can't listen to a street musician without paying a license? :rolleyes:

On the other hand, copyrights protect legitimate workers who have done honest work. It's all a darn question of who is right and who is wrong. If you have a legal one, you have legal rights. You can fight for it, which will always be a benefit for many others too, or you can pick the easiest way around, nothing against kemical whom I respect, but in the long run: to fight may be good.

To find out about it, and go to the source, is a glory of man.

the place i got it is legal and does come with the drm usage rights stuff
This is my concern.....just saying you got it legally doesn't tell us anything. Not naming the source where the file was download makes it even mores suspicious.


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Yea, must agree with bassfisher: you should always give the source of download, source of anything and everything. All net connections are known to help to solve the problem.

Gratitude, bassie.

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