audio doesn't play in win 7 wmp 12 wmv file

I noticed a lot of people have had a similar problem to mine in that an older version of a wmv-file has problems playing in Wmp 12. Mine is that the video plays fine but there is no audio coming out. After visitting a number of forums and sites I dug into the problem myself. Here is what I found. Being an old programmer from way way back it took some time so bear with me.
All of the codecs and installations are installed properly and there are no registry errors. Checking the audio codecs used in the old files and the sample provided with Win 7 there seems to be a disparity. If you convert the older wvm-file to an avi-file (I used ConvertVid) the file will play in Wmp 12 without a problem. I was using an HP Pavilion a605x until my motherboard died. It had Win XP 32-bit SP3 installed running Wmp 11 (Ver:11.0.5721.5145). All of my wmv-files ran without a problem. I replaced the computer with an HP Pavilion p6720f with Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit running Wmp 12 (Ver:12.0.7600.16667) and here the problems began. Converting all your files to avi-files is not a long-term solution but it does work. You can convert them back to wmv- files using Win Live Movie Player. They will then work in Wmp 12. Using ConvertVid to convert them back to wmv-files will not let them play in Wmp 12. Apparently (to me) ConvertVid's encoder is not uo Wmp 12 specs yet. I used ConvertVid for the avi-file conversion because they have a batch conversion you can set-up, start and leave and come back when it's done. Hopefully the Microsoft programming engineers will get this worked out. They are giving all of us old programmers a bad name. Anyway, I hope this helps some of you out there as I know how frustrating this can be.
Good Luck!

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