Won't boot into windows


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Hi All

I've been using Win 7 RC for a few months now and this morning I turned on my pc but it won't boot up passed the login type screen. Will try and attatch a pic. It's the screen that has the "Ease of access button" on the left and the Stutdown/restart/sleep button on the right. I think it's like the login page but I've not created an account were I have to log in.
I've tried using the win 7 disk to repair but it says windows is working fine. :confused: Clearly it isn't :mad:

Any help would be much appreciated as I'm going mad with this.




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Here's the pic.. I hope ;)



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Do the buttons do anything if selected? Wnich version of the beta are you using, and could it have run out of time?


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Boot from install disk.... go to command prompt and see if you can run


Maybe if you turn off Guest logon the screen won't come up.. it will directly boot into your account.


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Do the buttons do anything if selected? Wnich version of the beta are you using, and could it have run out of time?
I think the beta runs out march of next year doesn't it? I have it on my laptop and desktop and its still active.

As far as the log in screen you've got me... i cant really think of anything except for repairing off the dvd or what tblount said.

Maybe a password reset disk will work? Worth a shot. There are a couple company's that make disks that will reset any version of windows user passwords. maybe that will "un-glitch" it? The program that i have is 3mb and it works great. its a boot cd, .iso. This happened to me with winxp i booted from a linux flash drive, it automatically reset the password and it went away so maybe this is a similar glitch.

If nothing else works that may be worth a shot before you re-install. .:(


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Thanks for your replies.

I managed to get it working after several attempts at reverting back to a restore point. That got me into windows but then had a few other problems like no network connection.
But in the end it's all working fine now.
Was really odd though :eek:


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