Windows 7 World of warcraft pinning and grouping


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Jan 20, 2009
So, I play WoW in windowed mode and I "dual box" too (2 WoWs at once) The question is about taskbar grouping and pinning. First of all it doesnt group 2 WoWs (I have 2 icons). AND if I pin the WoW shortcut (direct WoW.exe) it is there but when i open one wow it isnt on the same icon (than i have 2 icons; one running wow and the shortcut) I want to have wow like all other programs: multiple windows---> one icon.
Dual Boxer

That would be kinda cool, but I would think that Windows 7 has to know specifically to group the icons. Like in Firefox I bet it knows to do it because it's a browser that uses tabs. With Windows Explorer I bet it knows to group them also.

I wouldn't think there would be a way to get Windows 7 to group the two running programs.

Yeah, because there are two separate procesess in process list.
But how does it do it in google chrome (it uses multiple proceses too)?
Similar or same issue.

I have a similar complaint, even though I've pinned an icon to the taskbar, when I run the program by clicking the icon, it creates another icon on the taskbar to the right of the program running. This does NOT seem to be working as intended, will this be fixed before Windows7 is released to the public? It was my understanding that once you've run a program from the icon pinned to the taskbar it should not create another one on the taskbar, but it should highlight that icon that is already pinned indicating that it is indeed running, it seems to be working for "some" programs, but not for all... How does one fix this minor annoyance? I am only running one copy of the program.

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