xp on fat to ntfs


can someone help me? what will happen if the partition containing my windows XP is changed from FAT32 to NTFS,? will it damage my system? or will i still be able to boot it normally?

btw my reason for changing my partition's type is i want to install windows 7 on it .
but windwos 7 can only be installed on an NTFS .


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And please pay particular attention to this advice on the MS page:

Note Although the chance of corruption or data loss during the conversion is minimal, we recommend that you perform a backup of the data on the volume that you want to convert before you start the conversion.
Do make sure you identify and save to an external drive any important user data.

I would also ensure that you have some disks to recover/reinstall the operating system before running the conversion or you may end up with and unbootable machine.

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There are 7 easy steps for programmers to change your FAT to NTFS by going to the lab (It's Fantasy)

1. First, Go to MS-DOS
2. Type CONVERT C:\
3. Wait for few seconds
4. Restart the computer if the operation is finished.
5. Be sure that the 2 parts of converting is on screen
6. Wait for few minutes, You can watch TV.
7. Once back to the computer, You should have the drive is magic.



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Since you are converting a disk with an OS partition, I would recommend to make an image of C (and all other partitions if any) before you do the conversion. Then you can always backpaddle when things go wrong.


That program (free Macrium) works with XP too.

Another option you have is to install Windows 7 under VMware Player as a virtual system. That works really well too and you need not worry about drivers or any formats.

Part 3 of this series (operating a virtual system) is not yet done, but you can have a look at this one to get an idea.