XP to W7 upgrade issue

I'd planned on upgrading my motherboard from a Gigabyte 780G to a 785G model but just found out that if you use the upgrade version on W7, it has to be installed on the hard drive, you can't just put in your XP CD to prove you have a legitimate copy of XP. I was thinking of changing the motherboard and booting from the CD to do a clean install and was wondering if W7 will tell me I have to reactivate XP because of one hardware change. Also, I don't want to keep my old XP install so I wanted to format the hard drive so its totally clean but I'm concerned this will affect the upgrade process. Any suggestions? Thanks

With the upgrade version you cannot make a clean install of Windows 7. In order for upgrade to work you must have Windows XP/Vista already installed, boot into windows xp and load your Windows 7 disk (I am unsure about booting straight into the disk..) it should work that way :)
To do a clean install altogether you would need to use the full version
Apologies if I have read the question wrong : Im assuming thats what you were asking?

I thought you could boot straight into the cd like with xp. According to MS, xp users have to do a clean install and the upgrade version is supposed to do that.

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