Hi there just looked in "my documents" and seen that I have a XVID file appear as a DISK IMAGE FILE Type of file.

Believe it a virus... Any ideas as to how I can get rid of as AVG not deleting.


Hi! For viruses and malware, I have a procedure I go through.Why do you think you have a virus?

Malwarebytes Free
ESET on line scanner-http://www.eset.com/us/online-scanner/

  1. Change in your browsers home page or default search
  2. Your web browser hangs or becomes sluggish
  3. Your computer starts behaving sluggishly or hangs often
  4. You are unable to open security-related sites or Microsoft.com domains.
  5. You get re-directed to web pages you did not intend to visit
  6. Unexpected toolbars in your browser
  7. Security software or Firewall disabled
  8. Your security software throws up warnings or its icon turns red or something.
  9. Pop-ups while browsing, unknown or excessive
  10. Balloon Notifications from your system tray
  11. Excessive CPU or Memory utilization
  12. Internet or data transfer activity – Modem appears to be working overtime
  13. You start seeing unexpected Windows error messages
  14. Some programs start automatically
  15. Some important Windows functions or features disabled. Eg, Task Manager, Registry Editor, Control Panel, Command Prompt, etc.
  16. New unknown unwanted software installed, etc.
  17. You see new icons on your desktop suddenly.
If you see any of these signs, if is quite possible that your computer may have become infected with a virus or malware.

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