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    A lot of cpu is being used, but opening the task manager drastically reduces it. Why?

    I have an Intel i7, and at times I can hear my laptop doing a lot work. I open the task manager to see which app uses so much cpu, and I'd see the cpu usage would be 100%, and 5 seconds later it'd drop down to 20%. I'm pretty sure it's not a visual bug in the task manager because I can literally...
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    Fully turn off display on 0 brightness.

    Before reinstalling windows, my laptop's monitor would turnoff whenever I set the brightness to 0. Now with a clean install of windows, 0 brightness is just very dim. I would like to know if there is a way to get this feature back, as it was very useful. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Pls help with the flickering on my laptop

    Recently my laptop's screen has been flickering often and at the same time the bottom of the screen is glitched out displays about 2mm of the top part of the screen. So the bottom of the task bar is just white when I open Chrome. The...
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    Windows Hello face recognition is not available on my Surface Book 2

    I recently decided to roll back from 20H1 Insider Preview to current stable 18H2 version on my Surface Book 2. As the previous version was 19H1, I couldn't do it with built-in tools. So I downloaded Media CreationOmegle Appvalley Tool and rolled back with it. I am now on...
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    Preventing Standard User From Installing

    My son and I share a PC. Everything I have read said to install this app, run this thing, gpedit, etc blah blah blah. Did Windows 10 REMOVE the most BASIC of basic user settings?! I JUST want to stop my son from installing $h%! onto my...
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    Upgrading to windows 10 on a separate new ssd

    Im on windows 7 at the moment and I think its about time I upgrade to windows 10. My concern is i've had the hdd my os has been on for like 7-8 years so I want to get an ssd to move the os onto. Omegle PutLocker Can someone explain to me a way or point me towards some...
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    Slight Mouse Jumping

    So, my G PRO Wireless randomly has a spike in the amount of events that are occurring in a second. The website I use, which is a JavaScript mouse input performance test, reports that Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail I get 240 events/every roughly 900ms. This wouldn't have been a problem, but...
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    Windows 10 Frequently Freezing my Computer?Windows 10 Frequently Freezing my Computer?

    Hi all, Long story (and getting longer all the time) but basically for almost a year now, my computer has been completely freezing. I have to hold down the power button to hard-reset in order to get the computer working again. This happens about once a week. For a long time I thoughtOmegle...
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    Does the Your Phone app only work on WiFi?

    I just set up the Your Phone app, and it's working so far. However, when I disconnect my phone from WiFi, it says the app lost connection to my phone. I have been using the Android Messages previously, which works on mobile data. I don't always have reliable WiFi available, so I'd like to use...
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    Windows 10 1 hardware change

    I was talking to Microsoft support and they were telling me that my digital windows key was tied to my hardware and i only had 1 hardware change so if i ever wanted to add an ssd move the os onto it, thats was it. If i wanted to...
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    Graphics Card Not Being Detected on Windows 10

    Hello guys, I’m new here and was recommended by a friend today to take a look at this subreddit as you all may have a possible solution to my problem. So far, it’s really nice here and would like to say it’s a cool place. My friend gave me a graphics card today after I had explained that my PC...
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    No storage space left even after uninstalling apps?

    Only main app I've installed is Fortnite and got an error that I've used 400GB of storage space on my Dell XPS 15 laptop with 0 bytes remaining. The file size of Fortnite was about Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail 30GB but even after uninstalling the amount of storage space went down to only...
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    PDF previewer in Outlook?

    have been searching for a solution to this for the past few days - I can't preview pdf documents in Outlook as a "previewer isn't installed". I've installed xodo and SumatraPDF ,Omegle PutLocker but neither of them seem to work with Outlook. Does this mean I have to...