Pls help with the flickering on my laptop


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Recently my laptop's screen has been flickering often and at the same time the bottom of the screen is glitched out displays about 2mm of the top part of the screen. So the bottom of the task bar is just white when I open Chrome. The screen also flickers weirdly. However when I tried to screenshot and show you redditors what it looks like, the 2mm glitch isn't there.
Please tell me what kind of issue this is and how to fix it!
My laptop has a Intel i3 Core 7th Gen.
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The screenshot it self does not show any glitch, so it is most likely the screen of your laptop itself that has a hardware problem.
To be absolutely sure you may want to connect a 2nd screen to your laptop.
If the picture on the 2nd screen is ok then your laptop screen that is defect, if it has the same problem then your graphical card is failing.
Time to visit a repair shop?