Windows 10 Frequently Freezing my Computer?Windows 10 Frequently Freezing my Computer?


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Hi all, Long story (and getting longer all the time) but basically for almost a year now, my computer has been completely freezing. I have to hold down the power button to hard-reset in order to get the computer working again. This happens about once a week.
For a long time I thoughtOmegle PutLocker it was my computer (a laptop--Lenovo Ideapad 320) and have been working with Lenovo support to that end. One tech support person suggested it may be an issue with the Operating System (Windows 10) and to do a factory reset. This fixed the problem! ...Until the next Windows Update came along (I think 1803). Since then the problem's been back and I've done so much to try and fix it. I'm at my wit's end because it just happened again and I STILL don't even know what the problem is. My question--does anyone thing that the Windows 10 operating system is responsible for this?
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