1. P

    Windows 10 Computer Language in Strange Hieroglyphics

    I turned on my PC this morning and it seems like my computer language turned into some weird boxes and other hieroglyphics. This only affects my computer and not any other applications. I took a screenshot of my PC to give you an example of what it looks like, unfortunately, I can't post it in...
  2. D

    Windows 10 CD/DVD rom missing on Windows 10

    Okay, well i just upgraded to windows ten, and when i go under Devices and Drives my cd rom isnt showing up. Im trying to download Grand Theft Auto 5, which i have recently purchased. But because of this im not able to download it. Anyone know whats up? Thanks
  3. A

    I can't place the icons on the bottom row of the desktop!

    When I first installed Windows 10 everything was normal, until some moment when I just saw how my icons aren't on the bottom row. And I tried to move it but it didn't work. So I need help, how do I fix that? NOTE: Please don't tell me that one stupid method in which I need to right click on...
  4. K

    The Exception Breakpoint

    I had this error popping up after every web page visit (Note this was happening before I upgraded to windows 10) Windows - Application Error The exception Breakpoint A breakpoint has been reached . (0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x0000000058C9B2D0 Click on OK to...
  5. M

    Windows 10 MediaCreationTool wimgapi.dll error

    I am one of those persons that are sick of using windows 8 and 8.1. and want Windows 10 right now! I found how by using the MediaCreationTool, however When i start it up it gives me an error ("WIMGAPI.DLL is not compatible with this version of windows or contains an error...) PLEASE HELP I want...
  6. A

    Windows 10 No Windows 10 support for 1440x900 resolution?

    Hio, My custom-built desktop (originally Windows 8.1) has the normal resolution of 1440x900, I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and there is unfortunately no option for 1440 x 900. In Display Settings > Advanced display settings > Resolution, there are the following resolutions but mine isn't on...
  7. K

    All Files and Folders are Read Only

    I recently upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 pro. Every file and folder is now read only. When I click on a folder's property and uncheck read only and tell it to make the changes to all sub folders and files it says access denied and that I have to click continue as administrator...
  8. J

    Windows 10 No WiFi

    I just installed Windows 10 and noticed that I cant connect to my internet with Wifi. But I can connect to it with an ethernet cable. When I press the internet icon on the left side of the task bar, my router doesnt appear and I dont have a wifi section on my Network Settings Broken Wifi by...
  9. M

    No cursor at welcome back screen win 10

    I just upgraded from windows 7 home premium to windows 10 and as shown in the picture below, my cursor has dissapeared in the welcome back screen. I've tried everything from restarting mu laptop to changing my mouse. If there is nothing else to do is there a way to get windows 7 back?
  10. Kjell Olsen

    After last update, I cant run programs in Win 8.1

    I've been having some issues with various programs after the latest Win 8.1 update. They simply won't start, or run in the background without me getting access to them. I've reinstalled my Chrome browser, and now it works normally, but for some bizarre reason I'm not too keen on reinstalling...
  11. Jonathan West

    Apps close After opening

    When i try to open a system app, like Windows store, or something like that. It imediatly closes right when it opens, but i can still see it in the taskbar. Pleases tell me how to fix this. Im afraid ill still have the problem when i get windows 10.