Taskbar Icons not showing in Windows 11


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Let me start by saying I am sorry if this is addressed somewhere, but I did not find or see it. I am having an issue with some desktop icons not showing up on my LG Gram 17. I have looked at many forums and found some suggestions on how to fix this issue, but none have worked. I am running Windows 11 Pro on 4 computers and the issue shows up all the time on my LG Gram and now and again on my Dell desktop at work. It works just fine, so far, on my Lenovo desktop at home and my Surface Pro 8. I have found many people with the same issue, and many have said that maybe Microsoft may fix it, but I am hoping maybe someone has an idea on what I can do now. The icons that don't show up are things like Office, Settings, Mail, all Microsoft apps, yet all my browsers and iTunes icons show up. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, I would greatly appreciate them.


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Make sure it's opening the correct desktop. I was wondering what happened to my desktop once, and I found that it had gotten set to a different virtual desktop and that I should push...

Windows Key plus P and when I did I saw that there was the option to switch back to my normal desktop and everything went back to normal.
Not sure if that is your problem, or that it works that way in Windows 11, so have a look at this.

You can also try opening the start screen "left click start button" and type in what you are looking for when it shows you the app, right click on it and select pin to taskbar. You can probably put them back, one at a time.

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I have another taskbar icon question. How do you change them? I created a new icon for the desktop for a program, but the icon that appears on the taskbar is the original one.
Windows + P is for multiple displays, which the same virtual desktop can have. Windows + Tab is for virtual desktops, which there can be several with only one display. It can be either.