1. A

    Windows 10 Can't follow directory path

    Shouldn't you be able to find any file on your computer "manually" by opening the folders listed in its location? For example, I just downloaded a Python interpreter. When I look at its location in its Properties, it says "C:\Users\Aaron\AppData\Local\Programs\Python," but when I try to follow...
  2. M

    Photo App Album File Location

    I love the new Windows 10 Photo Album and I want to be able to backup the album file. (Not export the album pictures into a folder) But the file that contains the list of pictures and videos of what is in the album. But I cannot find it anywhere on my Computer. The reason for this is that I...
  3. JoeDin2056

    Windows 10 App Store - Change Install Folder

    Hi all, I would like to change the folders of where apps install from the windows 10 App store. I have not used the store that much and only own a couple of apps, but now they are adding the Play Anyway feature that gives you the ability to buy Xbox games from the Windows App store im sure i...
  4. Hartley001

    Windows 10 Wrong Target Folder

    Hey Guys, I hope I find everyone well on this hump day. So straight to the problem. I was trying to change the standard Video target location to another Video folder on my second HHD, However I accidentally click on just the HHD, So now my targert location for my video folder is the whole HHD...