Photo App Album File Location


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I love the new Windows 10 Photo Album and I want to be able to backup the album file. (Not export the album pictures into a folder) But the file that contains the list of pictures and videos of what is in the album. But I cannot find it anywhere on my Computer. The reason for this is that I already organized my photos and videos into folders and subfolders and I also want to make albums of various pictures from these folders of certain events like Christmas Photos from every year, Every Photo that contains me in it, etc. But I don't want to backup the same photo multiple times on my USB Drive. I just want the Album file which won't take up lots of space.
What are you using to backup your photos? If it's just simply backing up your photos as they are stored. I would suggest you use Google photos. It's simple and easy to use and it's cloud based. I use it exclusively, in conjunction with my standard storage practices.

Google photos for's the link.