Cortana speech language help? English(United States)


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What am I supposed to do to get Cortana to work?
Cortana tells me to go and pick a language she understands
I click on settings
A window pops up
I don't see anything resembling an OK button
The only language I have on my laptop is English (United States)
I already have my location enabled
I live in Canada
Does this make a big difference?


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When you first click on the new Cortana search bar, it will popup a Window asking you if you'd like to setup Cortana--hopefully you said "Yes" to that. If not you can still do it manually. But, Cortana doesn't work on all computers, it's still kinda "glitchy" in my opinion.:skull: It would help if you could answer a couple of basic questions for us, then we can analyze your particular situation, and make some recommendations.

First, what is the EXACT Make/Model of the computer you are trying to run Cortana on? Desktop, Laptop, Tablet?

Next, did you upgraded to W10 from an earlier version of Windows such as Win7/8/8.1/8.1.1? Or did your computer come from the factory with W10 pre-loaded?

Did you install the Nov. 17th W10 upgrade on that Computer yet? If not, you should attempt to do so.

In order for Cortana to function properly, you'll need to have BOTH a Microphone AND Speakers on the computer you're trying to use Cortana on. If you have a laptop or tablet, and it's new most of those come with a built-in Mic & tiny Speakers (if you have trouble hearing Cortana, you might need to plug in a cheap pair of external speakers around $15).

If you can't see the OK button, you may have to adjust your screen resolution in Windows Personalize, and zoom down to a lower screen resolution. Seen this problem before in TP. For instance new computers come at 1600x900 resolution from the factory, this can cause a problem with desktop PCs, depending on the Video Card that came with your computer, or if you put in your own aftermarket card. You should dial that back to 1024x768. You may have to go higher or lower depending in your exact hardware.

As far as location goes, I'm not aware of any issues, but you'll have to post that to the Microsoft Forum and look there and see if that's a problem. I'm in the U.S. and haven't been outside the U.S. in 20 years, so I have no idea if Cortana has location issues or not. As far as North America goes.

Once you post back your computer information and how you got your W10, we can make some other recommendations for you and give you some things to try.

Another idea is to go to your local computer store *you guys have Best Buy & Staples in Canada I believe*, and see if they are running Cortana on their demo computers in their stores. If they are having no problems on the store demo computers, it's probably not location related.

Best of luck,

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First make sure you are signed into your computer using your Microsoft account.

Just to be sure that you have Cortana turned on, go to the settings screen and type in Cortana in the search Window.
Select "Cortana and Search Settings".

Make sure that The first selections are in the "On" position.

I have mine set to respond to anyone.

Next go to your Sound Settings and check to make sure that your Microphone is working.
When you speak you should see a green bar to the right of your Microphone move up and down.

If you see that your mic is indicating that it works try saying "Hey Cortana" and see if anything happens.



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Mike, I was going to turn on Cortana but I read that she just about copies 100 percent of where you go. So basically you give up any privacy when you turn it on, Correct?


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Well my computer is stationary so I don't worry about it showing where I've gone physically. .
I don't really ask for anything that I worry about anyone knowing.

She's handy for a quick search, just say "Hey Cortana, tell my about Scottish Deerhounds" and the search page comes up with no typing, but that and asking her to tell me a joke and control my music playing it about all I use here for.

Lately she won't start my music anymore, (always says Shuffling your music, and after a pause says that "Something went wrong, try again in a little bit") though she will manage it if I start it manually.

She doesn't know where I am, since I have a stationary computer (there's no way to tell here where you are if you don't have GPS) so I can't ask for anything that's local, like "Where's a good Chinese restaurant?"

If I ask here where I'm at she says I'm in a cemetery on the other side of the county, I'm not kidding. LOL

So her usefulness is kind of limited.

Some of the jokes are funny though.

What do you call two crows sitting on a branch?
Attempted Murder!

What did the pirate say on his eightieth birthday?
"Aye Matey"

To some up, Cortana is kind of fun but not all that useful.

As for the security thing since you have to log into your Microsoft account to have a lot of the functionality in in Windows 10, I guess you don't have a lot of privacy anyway.


How come they can make you register your drone, but not your gun?

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