100% Disk Usage. Can't find cause


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Hi, I have Windows 8.1 as my operating system.
After a random amount of time, my Disk usage will jump to 100% for around 30s-1min then go back to normal. It will continually do this over and over again.

The problem is, I can't figure out a solution or the cause of the problem. I looked online for a solution. I found a possiblbe workaround of increasing my Virtual Memory but this made the problem worse as it took around 5x longer to boot then it hung on 100% until I turned it off, back on again and changed the VM back to normal.
Earlier this month, I decided to run a full test on my HDD's using anti-virus software, and it came with a positive result, no problem/virus's/malware found. From here the problem persisted, so I continued to look for answers. I then tried to run a Disk scan through command promp which ,unsurprisingly, didn't go well. My computer was stuck in a loop of attempting repair and then restarting to do the same thing again. it continuesly got stuck on 11% complete every time it attmpted repair.

I ahve put my system back to normal back then and it's been doing it's ussual Disk 100% then back down to normal routine. The only other clue is HDD Corruption but im not sure how to solve this. Or it could be something else.


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Try disabling onedrive for starters. See if it helps. I had the problem and it worked for me.


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Try disabling onedrive for starters. See if it helps. I had the problem and it worked for me.
It's already disabled

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Do you have any automatic backup software running? Are you using third party AV or malware software? Anything set to run automatically when disk activity is low?


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If you start the Resource Monitor and check the Disk tab, it may give you some guidance as to what is using the drive.

You could also watch Task Manager to see what is starting up or running during those times.

Does it happen the same after a boot from power off or a restart?


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it turns out that it's my HDD altogether. Iv'e installed windows twice again and it works for around 24-hours before it starts doing weird things like closing everything apart from my Web Browser, forcing me to restart the PC to do anything. The 100% Usage is gone :) but in favour of my HDD breaking. Looks like a new HDD/SDD for me.

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