2 windows10 computers, 1 microsoft email account, use 1 account on both?


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microsoft always asks me to sign into my microsoft account and stop using a local account to sign in,
i've been thinking about doing that a long time ago but,

i have 2 desktops,

one that i use for gaming and mining,
and then other one i use just to surf the internet watch movies,

the problem is, i only have 1 outlook email account, and i dont want to make another email account,

is it possible to use my 1 outlook email account on both desktops? or will it screw things up, i could make another email account, but i dont want 2 emails


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yes you can use the one account on both systems... that is in fact the point so if you send things to your Onenote on system 1 you can open | edit them on system 2 or a doc appointment saved in your phone comes up with a reminder on the desktop for example

it does help to save your (single click, desktop background, time and English UK) settings but also what apps | music | movies | Game you purchased from Microsoft store


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You won't have any issues doing that.
I too, have 2 pc's and 1 Microsoft Account and each pc is different and has different software on each.
Work's fine for me.
I'll even take it a step further one is AMD cpu w/2 Nvidia gpu's and this one is intel cpu w/AMD gpu.
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I have 2 PCs, 2 Tablets one an iPad, and have no problem getting my mail on all of them, for both of my email accounts, my wife also gets her email on her phone in additions to her tablet and laptop.