Windows 8 5 times reinstall-again user permissionss corrupted


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hello to everybody,
almost every time i managed to find a solution on internet, but this time!?
i have put ssd mushkin chronos deluxe 240gb with new firmware in my asus u36sd.
i have msdn versions of both windows and office 2013, other free software without viruses.
when i try to fresh install win 8 everything is going good.
i do some tweaks (disable indexing, shrink system protection and page file and put firefox cache on the ram).
and computer works fine until some times. i noticed then that suddenly when i download some programs from net and when i try to install them, i got a message that i dont have enough privileges, like i am not anymore administrator.
what for gods sake is that!? very strange.
can someone please help me with this situation! it is horror!
thanks in advance!
Perhaps if you download the apps, then instead of clicking on the .exe file, right click and choose Run As Administrator. Using an administrator account does not give top level admin privileges.