660 TI not connecting to monitor?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by christermm, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Hello. I'm Norwegian, but I'll try to explain this as good as possible.

    I got my 660 ti/OC today, and I installed it careful into the computer. I started the computer, and installed the newest drivers. It all went smooth, until I launched CS:GO. It took about 5 minutes, and then
    I got a blue screen.. I thought, "ok, thats no biggie", and it booted again. I tried to play the game once more, and almost the same thing happened. But my screen went totally black, and I thought the card war broken..
    I tried connecting it again and again, checking all the cables, but the card would not connect to the monitor. I have a new computer, with a Corsair AX 750W PSU, and the fans at the card is working.

    I tried installing the card into my fathers computer, and there it worked fine.. He got a badder PSU than I do, and a three yrs old PC.. His card, and my old card are working fine in my computer, but not the 660 Ti.

    Does anyone here have a solution or a tip that might help me? This is pretty frustrating for me, and it makes me sad..

    Things I've tried:
    - In another computed
    - Taken out my soundboard
    - Reset every bios settings
    - updated everything

    I'm not good at this, because I've never had any serious problems with my old computer (had it for 4 yrs). But I have BlueScreen Viewer, so please tell me what info you need, and I'll hand it to you. Here's some info, please tell me if you need more.
    First time bluescreen:
    Bug Check Code: 0x0000000a
    Bug Check String: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
    Caused by driver: ntoskrnl.exe

    Second blue screen:
    Bug Check Code: 0x00000116
    Adress: dxgkrnl.sys

    All help is very appreciated. I really hope you havre som answers to me. Thanks.
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    Beginning note:
    (May not be related to your problem but you should check anyway)
    When you say "updated everything", does that mean you've updated your:
    Chipset Driver
    Motherboard Driver
    Graphics Driver
    HDD/SDD Driver/s
    Audio Driver
    it's possible the problem could come from any one of these.

    ntoskrnl.exe BSoD is usually because that file is missing/screwed up (corrupt).
    This usually appears if there is:
    Keyboard issue
    Corrupt/missing boot.ini file.
    Missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe file.
    Corrupted hard drive or corrupted Windows.

    How to fix:
    -Check your keyboard's working properly (it should be).

    -Your boot.ini file is corrupt/missing.
    Either a bad installation of windows or you added/removed storage devices without properly changing the system. Looking at your first post you obviously didn't take out any storage drives so out of those two options it'd probably be the first.
    Reboot your computer in safe mode, and then get all your personal files on to an external hard drive (documents, receipts whatever you've got that you can't/don't want to lose on the computer). Turn your computer off, reboot it, and insert the Windows 7 CD in to the CD Drive. Reinstall windows 7 (it should allow you to do that) and put back all the files on to your computer. Try CS:GO again.

    -Your ntoskrnl.exe is missing/corrupt.
    Just solve it the way you solve the missing/corrupt boot.ini file - reinstall Windows.

    -Your hard drive is corrupt/bad windows
    Reboot your computer, take all your personal files out (in safe mode). Reinsert your disk, and open the recovery console. In the console, type "chkdsk /r) and once it's finished, reboot. Hopefully it should work.

    As another sidenote:
    Did you make sure to fully uninstall your old graphics card? Old driver versions/software from a different graphics card MIGHT screw up the new one.

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    The second BSoD, "dxgkrnl.sys" is a DirectX Problem. Check your DirectX is up to date too.
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    From your comments about the card working elsewhere, it would appear the game was involved in the problem. I don't know what CS:Go is, but perhaps it is in conflict with the Nvidia driver. Can you uninstall it?

    Another suggestion, and I think the other poster might have mentioned this, when you uninstall the card in Device Manager, it gives you the option of removing all drivers. You might choose that option, then reinstall.
  5. GeneralHiningII

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    CS:GO is Counterstrike: Global Offensive. IF it was a nvidia driver error it'd show nvlddmkm.sys error instead of ntoskrnl.exe or dxgrkrnl.sys

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