a minor problem


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I must continually click "accept/sign in" for evry site I want to visit (email, newspaper etc. Even when I get a notice that my preference has been stored. Not a big issue but a bit annoying, Any ideas how I can fix this?


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Take a look at this, I'm not having that problem, it must have been set differently by default, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with site permissions.

Hope this helps

I just installed 11, and I've been digging through all this stuff.



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Several items come to mind that could impact a browsers ability to "remember you"
  • You're browsing in "private mode" in which case cookies are not retained which is how most sties remember a user
  • Your browser is setup to clear browser cache frequently if not every time on exit
  • You use a 3rd party utility to maintain your system (and it is removing browser cache data)


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You might also find it useful, in settings - privacy and security, to allow edge to save your passwords