A problem after upgrading


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Hi so today i installed win7 and kept my vista os so i could dual boot and so on but when i restarted my pc i did't get a screen asking me for : win7 or vista , took me to win7 loading screen , so i opened up my computer and my hard drive for vista there but it does't appear when i restart giving me a option, my vista is installed on F drive for some weird reason was on my C drive before so how can i fix this? i want an option at boot up so i can pick vista or win7 and also i am a noob >< dnt make it complicated.
Thanks in advance :cool:

I may just use this myself. Nice find.

Yeah, it's a very good software. Before version 2.0, using it to dual boot with XP caused issues for inexperienced users. When booting to XP, it would complain of missing boot files, which meant that the user set it up to look for XP in the wrong partition. Or boot.ini needed to be edited, after.

Now with 2.0 and above, the software has been redesigned to avoid that from happening which makes it that much easier to use.

Definitely recommended.

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