A Problem With Bootup, maybe?

Okay, when I turn on my Win7 (64bit), it will take a while to turn on, and then it'll sign in. After that, however, it bluescreens within seconds/minutes. I can try to restart the computer by unplugging it for long enough for it to forget the last session, and not to reload it. However, while it bluescreens, it freezes, with weird blue/gray striped lines going across the bottom of the screen. I can't retrieve the crash report, as It will crash. the reason I didn't put this under Blue Screens on the other forums was because I can't find the report for it and sometimes it simply crashes, with no bluescreen, with random striped rainbow lines across the screen. I am at a lost here.



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Sounds like either a bad driver for the video card or a resolution setting that may be over driving the monitor's native abilities.
Try booting into Safe Mode and see if the problem persists. That may allow you to at least retrieve the .dmp files for a BSOD post.


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I second Trouble, probably a bad driver. If you have done anything with BIOS settings, I would recommend default settings. And, sometimes it helps to solve the problem by using the original drivers that came with the video card. Update after update can cause trouble, quite often older drivers work better. To unistall new ones, and go back to the original, may help. Afterwards, you can update, step by step.

If you have a grasp of when the problem started, you can try a Recovery: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery --- pick a point earlier, to be on the safe side. You will see "Recommended restore" and "Choose a different restore point". Choosing the latter, you will see "Show more restore points" and you'll have practically everything at your disposal.

Recovery may eliminate some programs - but as a major point, if you have installed some new programs, you might do wisely in getting rid of them. A lot of programs come with attachments, not necessarily sound. Thus, a look in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features could be a smart move. Check what you've eaten, before you start a diet.

I'm sorry I didn't mention this--safe mode doesn't work, as far as I can tell. I'm trying it right now, I'll keep it updated.

I CAN'T BELIEVE I KEEP FORGETTING THINGS. Anyway, once I try to fix it, I have to unplug it for about 40 minutes for it to be able to be turned on again. Otherwise, NOTHING will be displayed on my screen. My monitor LED light stays orange, indicating it's receiving nothing from my PC.

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