A Solution for Shockwave problems with Firefox

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    Starting relatively recently, many computers running Firefox (V29 and 28, maybe even 27), have been experiencing problems with Shockwave: plug-in crashing, plug-in and Firefox hanging while trying to play Flash videos, videos taking forever to load, etc. I tried the usual fixes unsuccessfully. It appears that there are a number of potential underlying problems, which may exist alone or in combination. After some research, I cobbled together the following fix. This set of fixes worked for me.
    1. Set Firefox to compatibility mode (right-click the firefox.exe icon to access compatibility mode).

    2. In Firefox, disable use of hardware acceleration (Tools/Options/Advanced/General Tab: un-check Use hardware acceleration when available).

    3. Perform a "nuclear cleansing" of all existing Adobe Flash-related programs
      • Use Control Panel/Uninstall a Program to remove all versions and components of Adobe Flash Player ActiveX, Adobe Flash Player Plugin, Adobe Shockwave Player, Adobe Shockwave for Director.
      • Follow the instructions on this link to remove all remnants:
        This involves an uninstaller program plus manually deleting some files and folders

    4. Do a fresh install of the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave Player:

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    Great deed. Like Mike notes, Helping others is merely a first step in the right direction. --- But what a step! :up:

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