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Hello, I want to create a .reg file, like this:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Basically, i need to put this .reg in others computers, but the adress of my .exe would changed.
So, I need to know how I can create an adress based on where is this .reg file(The .reg file and the .exe file, both will be in the same floder)
. Hopefully I could be helped.


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You can have a link that people can click to add it onto their system but as it's a regedit they will need to confirm it at least twice before the link will work and even then, most people will (rightly) be suspicious of it.


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I'm not worried m8, that will not be on my system or any system I control... my why was more a "why use regedit instead of some other software?" regedit isn't for making software runs... group policy or image software are better for pushing a program out to a workgroup of computers because they are designed to do this.

Any Microsoft product will treat a regedit file as suspicious so you will have to;

1. Override it as policy, which is a bad idiom because that opens the door to all kinds of other regedit attacks or

2. Train your people to say yes repeatedly to "are you sure you want to do that" messages which IMO is almost as bad or

3. Use some other software that is made for this kind of thing and doesn't send up so many red flags.

I don’t have enough info to recommend anything yet but you will need to address it… good luck.
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