Windows 7 Access denied to OpenOffice Installer


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Jan 30, 2009
I cant install OpenOffice because, at some point, the installer says it cant write in any \winsxs\ folder. As far as I see that, only "trusted installers" have access to this directory. So how do I force Win7 to like my OpenOffice installer? I changed compability to Vista and everything is ran as an administrator.
I really like Win7, but right now Im on my way to throw everything in a trashcan, that UAC bullshit is driving me nuts (even tough it should be deactivated and I ran that console command to make the useraccount a *real* administrator).

In the "working apps" thread, Open Office was listed a few times I think. -.-

Oh, and an overtake of winsxs didnt work either. I managed to get full access to the folder itself, but not to any subfolder.

Problem solved
I dont know why. I downloaded the installer without included Java and it worked. At my brothers PC both installers worked tough...