Windows 10 Admin issues, about to lose it.


After upgrading to Win 10, I've found I can't install anything, play any games, save anything, or use any program that creates, modifies, or deletes other files (even as part of the same folder). Unless I right click, and run as admin.

I'm beyond frustrated and Linux sounds extremely tempting at this point. It's one thing for the occasional permission to be needed. But these frustrations are just piling up and burying my patience.

  • I download a program, and click run, then the install fails because it doesn't have admin rights to write to a folder I created on my desktop.
  • I install a program, install can't complete, can't write to program files.
  • I play a game for 2 hours, can't save, can't edit the save file without running as admin, can't close without losing data. 2 hours wasted.
  • I do college work for several hours, it tells me it saved, but it didn't. Because I didn't run as admin. Run as admin fixes this.
I have lost days of cumulative work from forgetting to right click and run as admin. UAC is off. My most common used programs are all set in compatibility properties to always run as admin. But sometimes an update can undo that, and I'm not made aware of the permissions issue until it comes time to save. The frustration isn't worth the convenience of windows anymore. I've asked a few other places. No luck so here's hoping.

How do I reduce the admin restrictions?

UAC stops asking for permission constantly, but doesn't give admin rights unless through properties or right click.

Is there anywhere I can tell windows to stop restricting certain actions from happening. ESPECIALLY from programs already installed and only modifying content in my documents or their own folders.

I am on an admin level account. I am the only user of the computer. I like windows, but this is an ongoing headache and I'm about to call it.

I feel your pain.

I had a lot of issues like this with Windows 8.
It was so bad there was even a 3rd party program that allowed you to override the Windows security and make it open things.

Check to see if you Admin Account really has all of the privileges available unlike earlier versions of Widows you don't get to this screen through your Users screen.

Open Windows Explorer, right click on your C:\ drive, select Properties, Click on the Securities Tab, you will see a list of users.

Click on your Administrator User Name and check to see that it's set to Full Control, if it's not click on Edit and change it so that it is.

On my computer I see a second entry under my name that's titled Users, that one is not set to Full Control and I haven't changed it.

You could also turn off User Account Control, and see if that helps.
I haven't done that in Windows 10 myself but I always turned it off in earlier versions of Windows.

Turn User Account Control on or off - Windows Help

Fortunately I'm not having those issues all that much in Windows 10 but I do have to right click on the file or program and select Run as Administrator once in a while.