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I was trying to delete a 100 MB partition on my Hard drive when my dog bumped my arm and removed all partitions on my 1 TB drive. This held all my backups and files.

I cannot see any way of reversing this situation and do not want to close Administrative tools as this will "set" the action in stone.

Does anyone know how to reverse the deleting of all the partitions?


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Check out this link:

Partition - Recover Deleted Partitions in Windows

This may help. Do not restart your computer right now under any circumstances!!


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Thank you Mike.

That will work, but at a cost of around $200; new 1-2 Tb Hard drive and the Easus program to recover the files. Why the new Hard Drive? My Drive_C is on a 320 GB drive and I need 600-800 Gb of space to recover the files.

Note: Both the programs mentioned in the Article are free to recover 1 GB of data only. I have lost around 600 Gb. I am using the Easus program as the MiniTool program would not run on my system.

I am still very surprised though that there was no UNDO command, especially when you consider how many times Windows normally asks for confirmation whenever you simply want to install a program, but with this command in Administrative Tools there is just "Click on X" and it is done, no going back!

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