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Hi Saltgrass,
well at long last and with no thanks whats-so-ever to Trend Micro it seems that my hassles are over. It took quite awhile to unistall Trend's program, at first it wouldn't allow me to do it. I had to go and find anything to do with Trend on my harddrive delete the files and then I was able to delete the program it-self?? The re-install went well and I ran all three scans available no worries. A question again if I may, last night I had four sites up, Facebook, a radio station streaming from Australia, Yahoo mail and the BBC news.Now, how much memory do you think that should use? On the task manager Physical memory usage was running at 63% and 2.16gb, at the moment I have this site and radio streaming again and the usage is at 14% with 1.25gb of physical memory being used. Also where can I find out what the processes and services that are running.
Thank you for your help and patience in assisting me. I'm quite at a loss dealing with matters pertaining to the "ins and outs" of a computer.
Kind Regards Greg Nantong China

UHH, just when i thought all is good, now i cannot save any webpages either as webpage complete or just as a txt file. So, what do i have to tweak to enable this to function again?

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Glad to see if have your problem worked out. While I was testing Trend Micro, I seem to like it and might use it on one of my systems.

As far as resources used on your system, I am not expert, but Windows will use available resources until it starts to hit a limit. Such as memory, it perfers to use actual memory as opposed to paging it out to a hard drive. So what you see being used is not really a problem unless your system starts to slow down. For now, I would take some pictures of the Resource monitor display under different conditions so you can compare.

The attachment show my system with only 3 additional programs running. I would think something like facebook, that contains a lot of graphics would use more memory than another type of program. Some folks have had large numbers in the Hardware reserved number at the bottom of the screen. That will usually mean they are using system memory as video memory, but not always.

If you want to learn more about how the system works, visit the Sysinternals site. From there you can download utilities that are much better at showing your system than Task Manager. Watching some of the "Case of the unexplained" videos will get you into what goes on in you system.

As far as the saving pages, you might check to see if you have the Trend Micro add-ons enabled. Perhaps a setting there would help or disable them to see if it makes a difference.


thats a great site, thanks for the tip. I'll look at Trends add-ons and make sure theyb are enabled. At least with this problem I had I've managed to learn a few things,so whilst it was a pain in the butt, its made me a little bit more 'techy' with the ins and outs of software. Once again thank you for all your advice.
Kind regards
Greg Nantong China

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