Windows 7 Advance Network Adapter Management


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May 17, 2009
Hi there,

I have a server that connects to 2 routers, you may wonder why and here is my reason...

I have 2 internet connections, a cable connection that i use primarily for downloading on the server and nothing else, then i have an ADSL connection that i use for browsing and any other net activety on all other pc's. I connect to both on server to allow full networking capabilities wirelessly on all machines without having the need to connect to my cable router wirelessly, this all worked flawlessly with any previous OS.
I have 2 desktop pc's and a laptop.
My original setup used to be:
Server running w2k3
desktop running vista x64
laptop running vista x64
When they were as above i never had no issues with my network set up, everything was fine, server connected to cable router each and everytime and utilised it as it's internet connection and the ADSL router was primarily for Intranet.
Now since i upgraded server to windows 7 that does not happen, I have gone into network connection advanced settings and altered the order of network connections to how i want it, i.e.:

Cable Router 1st
ADSL Router 2nd

When set like this the server always connects to ADSL Router first and not the cable router, I have swapped leads over and tried to see if it binds to cable router first, but even in this configuration it binds to my ADSL router first.
I do not seem to be able to get windows 7 to connect to my adapters hows i set them in the settings and it is rather annoying, this so far is my only gripe with the OS and it seems such a shame to revert back to another OS over such an issue, but as you can understand, i do want it to work how i set it up and thus far this is not the case with windows 7, can anyone shed any light or even assistance with this dilema.

many thanks in advance
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