Aero color scheme slowing down PC?

I have a pc with 3 monitors, 2 connected to a ATI 3870 card and one connected to the onboard 785G HDMI connection. The HDMI one is a 32inch LCD TV. When I put a video to play on the big tv, a popup appears saying that window is performing slowly and recommends shifting from aero to basic. I checked the memory and performance of the pc and everything seems fine. I thought maybe the 785G couldn't handle Aero but every article I read says it can so I'm at a loss as to what to do.

I changed my TV from the onboard vid to the video card and vice versa and that seems to have resolved the issue. Very odd since the onboard vid was using 512MB of my ram for processing power. Seems to work fine on smaller monitors but anyone using onboard vid with Aero on larger screens is going to have an issue.

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