Windows 7 Age of Empires-Age Of Kings 2 hassles

this b old hat after reading some of the posts on other forums-seems to b shitload of fixes which work for some & not for others. I'm running windows 32 bit (7600) & getting the 'could not initilise graphics system etc'..The stupid thing is the game runs on my other laptop loaded with Windows 7 Ult. 64 bit no problems except for the colour thing which I soon fixed. I've played the game for years on older laptops with XP Pro sp3 no sweat & it's only since upgrading to 7 in the last week that the problems have started. I'm also well aware the game b 10 years or more old now.

So far I've done the following:

1. downloaded & installed the patch
2. dicked around with compatibility for yonks-done my head in!
3. disabled/enabled/checked/upgraded graphics card & driver
4. checked directX which comes in at ver.11 -I also backtracked to ver.5 & 6 - no result

It's got that way now, I'm considering loading xp on separate partition just to play the game! But first I'll ask you guys...any suggestions?

thanx in advance

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