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Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by MikeHawthorne, Feb 17, 2015.

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    I spent all day getting my computer up and running again.
    I finally had everything working and was testing Dragon Age Inquisition, the last thing I installed.

    The computer dropped out to a black screen and started to reboot.
    Then it said you computer cannot boot, you will need installation media to repair it.

    So I put in the Window 10 disk and tried to run repair.
    It said Can't repair your computer.

    I was about to scream.

    I tried it several more times and the last time it didn't say anything just stopped at a black screen.

    I shut is off and it started rebooting, when it got going it was apparent that it was in the middle of a update again.
    Just as it was when this happened a few days ago.

    It finally booted up and is working again, I rebooted it several times.

    But it also updated my sound drivers again so my sound is messed up.

    I made a System Image file just before I finished up so maybe I can restore that but then I guess it will update again and I'll be back in the same place.

    It appears that it's the automatic update that's crashing my computer and causing the boot issues.

    I have it set to notify me, but it just ignores that.

    Well tomorrow I'll thy and get my sound working again, before I try a system restore.
    I don't trust anything anymore.


    3 more reboots and several driver installs and my sound is working again. Whew.
    I hope that's is for a while, at least until the next major update.
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    Welcome to the club...I've been fighting this with my system as well...mine is the VIA HD audio driver.

    It's doesn't work for anybody else that I know of.

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