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Hi there
Lately I've getting some wierd errors regarding my AMD install manager (Graphiccard)
I don't know why I'm getting this wierd error, it pops up once a week maybe 2 times a week, and every time I try to find a solution how to fix the problem, it just pops up again.

Its been some months since I've done a complete reinstall of my windows 7.
Anyone of you can tell me why I'm getting this error >

AMD Install Manager: An exception occured! Type: RuntimeException, Message: The primary document entity could not be opened. Id=

If I look that msg up on google, it says something about Java, but what does my AMD have to do with java? o_O

Best Regards René


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I would reinstall your AMD drivers, it sounds like this error is related to the AMD driver trying to parse an XML document, perhaps reinstalling the VC++ runtimes would help, but I think the best method would be to completely reinstall your AMD driver.


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I'll give it a try :)


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After reinstalling AMD Drivers, and VC++, no errors have so far popped up :)
So I guess its all fine now.
You can close the thread Josephur and thanks again for the help :)

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