Any way to better resize text, apps, and other items all at once?


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Is there any way to better resize text, apps, and other items all at once? When I go to Display Settings, I can only choose 100%, 125%, and 150%. I need to resize them to around 115%. I just know I'm overlooking something. I'm not interested in resizing just icons & folders just so you know. I want to resize everything at once. Any suggestions?


Figured it out! Just go to: Control Panel > Adjust Screen Resolution > Make Text and Other Items Larger or Smaller > Set a Custom Scaling Level > Then, in the percent box, enter your desired "sweet spot" percentage...

Man! I love Windows 10!
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I always set my size option to 125% this way until Windows 10, but in now if I do that the type and icons all look low res and fuzzy.
This is one of my biggest problems with Windows 10 since my eyes aren't that great anymore and I'd like to have everything a little bigger.

I'm looking at a 27" HD monitor, it makes me wonder what would happen if I got a Ultra High Resolution monitor.

If my monitor was, 2560 by 1440, would everything look really tiny at default settings, and be fuzzy if I enlarged it?

In earlier versions of Windows I could always do this and still have nice clear sharp type.

I'll try doing 110% and see if that helps.


PS. 110% doesn't look too bad though it still less sharp than at the default size.
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