Windows 10 Anyway to disable Window's Updates permanently?


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May 5, 2015
I don't mean disabling the update popups. I want to stop the updates permanently.
Yeah stop the windows update service, though it wouldn't be a good idea as you'd stop receiving security updates
Without using Registry tweaks or hacks, several of us W10 testers have found that it's not possible to completely eliminate your W10 PC from getting the weekly push-updates from MS. However using these 2 links can help mitigate them:

2.) Windows Update Delivery Optimization: FAQ

Another good idea, is to make regular Image Backups from 1 of these 3 tested apps on W10 in case you get an update that comes into one of your computers and scrambles them.
1.) Macrium Reflect
2.) Acronis TrueImage
3.) EASEus ToDo

Best of luck,:encouragement:
It isn't a great idea to disable updates. They are for security!

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Totally agree updates are important. But I want them when ***I*** want to reboot my system, not when Windows has decided it's time. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just tell it "only reboot on weekends," but it seems every time it ignores what I told it last time.
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stop the windows update service
this is the best way but remember to disable recovery or it will just turn itself back on
Screenshot (56).png

Screenshot (57).png

p.s, disabled updates will also stop downloads from the Microsoft Store so you need to (temp) turn it back on for them.
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