Are these pirated versions of Microsoft and other companies products?

I have received emails telling me I can download and install a complete Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate operating System, complete with coa for less than $100.00. This seems to be a foreign (Japanese) website offering not only OS's, but Microsoft Office Pro 2007 and newer versions, as well as other Microsoft, Adobe and others products. How can this be legal?, or is it legal? This is just a couple of the websites that have contacted me via email.;

Be VERY WARY of these sites! The first one listed shows a building and an address in Florida. But this same bunch of people have been doing this under the guise of several other websites. They're actually based in Russia from what I have read.

The second site, the link doesn't work.

I have seen the photo below associated with several other sites that have been shutdown recently.

Several months ago at another website I was a member of a warning was given regarding this company doing business supposedly in California. The poster showed several websites and links and they all used the address in CA, and used the same photo as below.

Although I will admit the websites are VERY professional looking and sharp! The script below was definitely written by someone with a marketing or advertising background, it's very convincing, isn't it?

If the price seems too good to be true, then it should remain very suspect.

Who We Are?

OEM Soft Store is a rapidly growing company providing high quality software. You've come to the right place if you need professionally implemented programming solutions for your usage. Thousands of satisfied customers have already benefited from our products and solutions. Hundreds are joining this community every day.

Our Address

1100 S State Rd 7
Suite 501
Margate, FL 33068

Uploaded with

Our Mission

To deliver superior software products and services that empower our partners and customers to dramatically improve their development, deployment, integration and management of quality applications worldwide.
Our Team

We employ only the best professionals. Our development team has collected great analysts and programmers each having degrees in areas of responsibility as well as 3 to 10 years of professional experience. We are happy to embody our inventive ideas into optimal solutions for our customers using the most relevant information technologies.

Suite 501
If you Google the address above in Florida you'll see several businesses listed. All with either suite numbers in the 100s or 200s.

In all of my experience... a suite 501 would be on the 5th floor. The building shown is a two story building!

It's a Russian site, don't even think about it.

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