Windows 8 Are you interested in the Microsoft Surface?

Will you purchase a Microsoft Surface?

  • Yes, the RT version

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Yes, the Pro version

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Undecided (price, reviews? Explain why!)

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • No, not interested

    Votes: 4 36.4%

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As many of us are aware, Microsoft announced their iPad competitor, the Surface, will be available after the launch of Windows 8. What does everyone think? The RT version will be running a version of Windows 8 specifically designed for tablets (think iOS rather than Mac OSX) while the Surface Pro (with a core i5 processor) will run Windows 8 Pro, but not be available until 3 months after the RT.

I personally (price dependent) will be buying a Surface Pro. My lifestyle has changed over the last year or so, I've tried to stray away from spending so much time at the computer and rather spend that time productively, getting exercise and working for Tourism Nova Scotia. For these reasons, I'm always on the go. While I have 3 Windows Phone devices, they don't quite cut it for screen size or productivity, so I intend on selling my current notebook, buying a Surface Pro and a new Windows Phone 8 when the line is released. Although if the price of the Pro is over $800, it's going to be a tough call, perhaps I'll wait to see how it turns out before buying one.

Anyone else?:tennis:


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The Surface Pro may be the first tablet style (I say tablet style because it includes what appears to be a very useable keyboard) PC that I will consider buying. Tablets until now have not captured my imagination at all. The key words are "Until Now"! The Surface Pro looks beautiful with a ton of specs that would rival many laptops. This will now be a tough decision!
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I'm interested in the Surface but I need to see some specifics.

It would have to be able to do what my iPad 3 can do, shoot full HD video, have a high resolution display, shoot good photos in any light etc.

I'm a little concerned that Microsoft is going to go Apple on us and tie everything to the software they will sell through their store and block everything else. The thing I hate about my iPad is that everything is locked into the Apple store and Apple format files.

I would hope the Surface will be more like normal Windows and allow a variety of formats, for Photos, Videos, Sound Files etc.

What I use on my iPad are the Video Camera and Photo functions, Skype, GPS, Google Earth, and Browsing the net.

Unlike the iPad I hope the Surface will let me select and set my default browser.

You can use Chrome on the iPad but you can't set it as default so any time you click on a link it goes back to the Apple browser.

And it need to cost under $800 to be tempting.

I'd like to see higher storage capacity, like 250 gigabytes.
That would give them a big advantage over Apple.

And my iPad is pretty slow compared to my PC, I'd like the Surface to be faster.

I do like the idea of the the cover being a key pad, I don't like typing on the screen.

I'm glad to see it has a USB port, the iPad won't let you transfer data to a USB stick or plug it into a printer.
It would be a big plus to just be able offload data to a USB stick freeing up disk space away from home.

I think Microsoft's big advantage can be allowing the kind of freedom to use a broad range of formats and software that you can't use or run on an iPad.

In short let Windows 8 on the Surface be like Windows 8 on a PC.


I have no idea if there is any truth to the statement that follows...

The Intel-based Windows 8 Pro version is even pricier--$1,885 and $2,175 for 64GB and 128GB versions, respectively.

If the cost is any thing like that you can count me out, I'll keep my iPad and apply the 2 grand towards my next PC, or buy a 30" monitor.
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This news article was from a site in Sweden (At least the prices quoted were).

I have read estimates of around $1000 for the Surface Pro depending on size of HD and Ram. This price is very competitive.

The iPad would be similar to the Surface RT. The RT version will only run the Win 8 RT version and comes pre-loaded with that version. My belief is that iPad and Surface RT are more for play than actual work. My opinion only.

The Surface Pro will run the entire Win 8 Pro OS. With specs I have read that will rival or beat all but the most powerful of laptops. 8Gb Ram and up to 128 Gb SSD HD with a neat looking keyboard included. It will have USB3 capability as well.


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Hi Ted

I hope that is true, what I'd really love to have is a pad that lets me do all the things I'd do on a Windows 8 laptop.
I'd like to be able to run some of the software I run on my PC and that there is no app for on the iPad.

My wife is obsessed with the iPad she spends hours talking to and playing games with her friends who all have iPads as well.

A funny story, we have a very large shopping mall here called Woodland Mall.

We went on a Wednesday morning about 11 o'clock to get our iPad.

The mall was virtually deserted, we walked through the halls with our footsteps echoing off the wall, kind of spooky.
Then we turned into a side hall and approached the Apple store.

We were shocked when we entered the store, there were over 100 people in the store at 11 am.
We could hardly find room to stand.

But I have to say they were pretty efficient if somewhat condescending, they kind of look down there nose at old people (they think we don't know anything about technology).

I'm sure I was using computers before the salesperson was born.

Anyway we were out the door less then an hour later with our iPad all setup and running, we used the GPS and shot video from the car window on the way home.

They must be doing something right!


Ps. A thousand I'm willing to pay, the iPad cost almost 900, my wife can have that and I'll get the Surface.


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IMO the iPad is for play. So is the Surface RT. The Surface Pro however appears to be a different breed with specs matching most laptops. This version will run the whole of Win 8 Pro with media center (I assume would need an ext DVD drive connected through USB3 port). I am anticipating this tablet.


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I seen that article about the Swedish website. Their reasoning (and this happens with preorders for products whose price hasn't been announced) is that if you price the preorder price higher than the retail cost would ever actually be, people who pre-ordered are guaranteed to get the device for the amount they paid, then possibly get money back also. I think in order to be successful, the price of the Pro will have to be well under $1000. Sure, they could price it comparably with the iPad, but why would anyone (new to the market) buy the Surface? It's a new product, with no credibility, so compared to the iPad, at the same price, the iPad would be the obvious choice. That's just my theory, and I of course have been wrong in the past. More than anything it's my wallet hoping it's not over $1000.


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I'm not interested in either an RT or Pro Surface. I'll stick to my little 10 inch lap top with the HD screen, a hard drive and all that good stuff running Windows 7 64 bit. I'm sticking with something I know will run pretty much any software my desktop does. It's not too bulky and 6 hours of battery is enough for what I do. I have yet to get excited about the whole tablet thing.


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The reason that I like my pad is for the things you don't do with a laptop.
We take it everyplace we go and I use it as a camera, video camera and to show videos after they are complete.
We use it as a GPS, it works better then our dedicated GPS.

My wife shoot the items she is going to sell on e-bay with the pad and then posts the stuff from it.

But I'd like to be able to use file formats that I usually use.
Adobe Premiere won't output a format that the iPad can use, i.e. MP4v.
At least I can't seem to do it, I'm going to the Adobe forum and ask that.

The iPad won't read MP2 files so I have to use third party software on my PC to convert anything that I put together, so that I can show it on the pad.

This is a real pain since everything has to go through iTunes.

Today I was trying to move a video to my pad and iTunes kept saying that it wouldn't copy it to the pad because the pad can't play this type of file.

When I sent it to Drop Box, I could open and play the file fine on the pad, but I can't figure out how to get it into my video list and iTunes keeps saying it can't read it.

I want to be able to shoot and edit my video and then just copy it to the location I want on the pad and play it from there.
You just can't do that on the iPad.

But if the Surface will run things like Premiere I could do it all ring there.

But you are right it might make more sense to buy a really good small laptop and a video camera.

Here is something else I would like to be able to do but I'm not hopeful, I'd like it to use a mouse on occasion.
It would be great if you could plug a mouse into the USB port when you needed to.



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Speculation surfaced today that the RT version may be priced in line with the Nexus 7 and Kindle e-reader, which are $199. I would be extremely surprised to see such a low price point, however if true it makes sense as Microsoft took a similar strategy with their Xbox 360 hardware - underpriced it to be competitive and they now hold the highest marketshare for consoles - even if it did cause a loss of $6 million.
The point is, Microsoft as a company could afford to sell these tablets at this price, even if they do lose money. They'd gain marketshare and eventually revenue, as evident with the Xbox 360. If this price point proves correct, I'm dying to hear the price of the Pro.



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Thank you~ I have using Windows 8 RT for few days, so I know how I can't get used to it. But it is nice anyway. Maybe I will fall love with it.:nevreness:
How can you be sure when you've never used the Surface, or even seen it irl?

Welcome to the forums :)

Kenneth Daves

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Microsoft needs to let those of us who haven\'t tried Windows 8 yet take a peek at the apps store. I am particularly interested in a version of Streets and Trips that would not only take advantage of conventional and broadband GPS, but also let us designate a point on a map and calculate the time and direction of sundown and sunset at that point.

I am an avid outdoor photographer and would jump at a chance to have that capability.

Also, should I assume or not assume that I will be able to view my raw files in Surface RT?


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Not really interested, as my life style doesn't warrant the use of such devices.
I'll stick with my desktops, laptops and average cell phones.

I'm just an "Ordinary average guy"


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Microsoft needs to let those of us who haven\'t tried Windows 8 yet take a peek at the apps store. I am particularly interested in a version of Streets and Trips that would not only take advantage of conventional and broadband GPS, but also let us designate a point on a map and calculate the time and direction of sundown and sunset at that point.

Doesn't the maps application do all that except for sunrise/sunset? I'm a fan of photography myself :D


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There seems to be some confusion. Maybe between Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 RTM.
The topic being about Microsoft "SURFACE" which is a device and not the operating system although it will be offered apparently, in two versions (RT and Pro) which to some extent is actually dictated by the operating system or probably which operating system they will actually run.
Whatever the case may be, I think you left an option off from your poll choices Mitch, because I am actually seriously interested in both.
If they hit that price point for the RT version I will definitely purchase three (3) for my three older grandchildren for Christmas.
My interest in the Pro version is also to some extent determined by the price point, but probably more so by the specs (processor, memory, hard disk, graphics card, etc.,) I would expect to pay more for the additional performance but they will still have to remain competitive from a pricing standpoint or else it will be a non-starter.
Not to go too far off topic, but I will also be interested in what their OEM partners manage to come up with in the way of horsepower versus price point.


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Yes, Windows RT (Runtime) is the ARM-processor version of Windows designed to work on processors that do not run on the Intel architecture. However, it looks like more time has been spent on the Intel/AMD-based version for obvious reasons. One key reason may be that IBM and Intel are nearing breakthroughs on battery life performance for tablet PCs and laptops, which are not fully known to the public. This can be researched under the Intel Haswell architecture being rumored to have a 10-20 day battery life. That is BIG news for tablet PC users and mobile phone users if this technology reaches those devices. Another thing is that Windows RT (Runtime) Edition does not feature the desktop. It is more like Windows Phone, with simply the Start Screen to guide you. Power users will find this quite annoying.

Then there is the issue of device tethering (to a cell phone for example) for WiFi, or having the device come with built-in 3G/4G LTE support. There will no doubt be models that come out later on with built-in cell tower support, at least here in the US. Since the Pro version of Surface supports USB, you could use an AIR CARD from your cell phone company to accomplish the same feat. I, on the other hand, am happy to tether off of my phone in areas where there is no free WiFi.

I would have to go for Pro, but only if the price and specs are similar to competing products running Windows 8. And there will be quite a few competing products.

A great example of a non-Microsoft tablet where these changes are occurring rapidly are with the Google Android Nexus 7. This was developed by Asus with Google and works great with stock Jellybean and updates directly from Google. However, a 3G version has just been announced. I have a 4G LTE phone that I tether my tablet when I don't have free WiFi, so why would I want a 3G cell phone tower card in my tablet? On the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone on the Verizon Network, they locked out Google Wallet even though the device supports it and NFC. Why subject yourself to the whims of the cell phone companies and their arbitrary modifications to these devices? It will be interesting to see where this goes.
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