Are you interested in the Microsoft Surface?

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Will you purchase a Microsoft Surface?

  1. Yes, the RT version

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  2. Yes, the Pro version

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  3. Undecided (price, reviews? Explain why!)

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  4. No, not interested

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  1. Mike

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    Jul 22, 2005
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    Mikey likely. But no one will want to use the desktop on a 7" or even 11.5" tablet (unless it has a keyboard).

    It will be a must have if the price is right. If they just sell them for a loss at first like they did with Xbox everyone will want to try it. I think the app support is a must and RT just isn't going to have it. I'm looking for a tablet I can replace my laptops with that has very long battery life, mid-level graphics for video and gaming, and high-speed SSD storage. Don't forget you may be running the MSDN or TechNET version now, which is Pro, so you're going to want to sync any Storage Spaces and things like that for backup. I mean the non-Pro version doesn't have USB3 ports. That is bad news to me. I will wait and see.
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  2. Medico

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    Sep 20, 2011
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    The original specs for Surface Pro listed USB 3 ports. I do not remember how many, but this would be good news. It would be nice to see at least a 256 Gb SSD HD available. I also do not remember the specs for HD. I would also opt for 8 Gb Ram (I believe this was available)
  3. MikeHawthorne

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    May 25, 2009
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    One of the most annoying things about my iPad is the lack of a USB Port.
    You can't just plug it into a printer and use it as you would a laptop.

    If you don't have a wireless printer you're out of luck.

    You can plug it into the USB port on your computer and move image files and videos from it to your PC, or move image files back to the iPad but you can't move video files back to it that way.

    Thant's something I really miss since I use it for a video playback device a lot.
    You have to got through a lengthy process of moving them to it via DropBox or through iTunes, which I often can't get it to do.

    I hope that the Surface will interface with printers and PCs in a normal manner allowing the free transfer of data back and forth.

    I'm really waiting to see what capabilities it has as a video and still camera, we drag the iPad around everyplace we go and leave our Nikons at home, you can get a tripod mount and auxiliary lenses for it, as well as boom microphones and things of that sort.

    It's great to go someplace shoot video and photos and then pass it around so people can see what you shot, everyone likes to see them selves on video. LOL

    I'm kind of waiting to find out more about the Surface before I spend more on accessories for the iPad.

    I'm hoping for a lot from the Surface, what's the point of bringing it out if it isn't better then what you can already buy.

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  4. Mitchell_A

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    The driver support for that would NEVER exist universally. Unless Apple released their own line of printers.
  5. carly

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    Jan 23, 2015
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    If I have a one year old Dell Inspiron 15r and I am a student should I replace it with a SP3 or just keep my laptop? My issue is that it is very heavy and hard to lug around campus.

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