Assorted errors please help

Hi I'm running windows 7 ult. 32bit Intel Pentium d cup 3.00ghz with 4gb or ram with service pack 1

I'm getting assorted blue screen errors the most common is 0x-----19

but i have seen 0x---- a , 7e , 24, d1 , 8e,

I have ran every driver check i can think of as well as a memory check. I am at a loss please help attached are my dump flies This is my first post and help request so if i need something i left out please let me know i have a basic it background but this is over my head.



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Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 19, {3, 86430b18, 86430b18, 86430b10}

Probably caused by : Pool_Corruption ( nt!ExDeferredFreePool+312 )

Followup: Pool_corruption
as your already aware your dump files are quite varied with the most common being the above. This could be down to a hardware issue, Bios in need of updating or corrupt drivers.

BiosVersion = 0406
BiosReleaseDate = 10/27/2005
There has been quite a few releases since the above version and your losing better functionality. Please update making sure I have the correct page for your motherboard.

Check to see if Windows is corrupt. Look in the start menu for command prompt and right click on it, choose properties and then run as admin. Type:
sfc /scannow
Press enter and await results.

Check your HDD is running ok by using a chkdsk scan. This guide will explain how:

I know you said that you'd ran a memory check but which application did you use? Memtest86 is the industry standard and nothing else comes close. Please run for a few passes:

Norton AV is also known for causing issues. Please un-install to test. Try using this app to remove:

MSE is a good replacement as it's known to be extremely stable:

Please update your Intel drivers (driver update utility):

nvlddmkm.sys Thu Jan 31 07:32:52 2013: Nvidia GPU driver, please uninstall using this application which will remove any other old bits of driver lying around:
Install latest version:

Post any new dump files.

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