Asus 4890 drivers?

( FIXED ) I have downladed windows 7 from digital river and the iso and made a disk and installed windows 7 everything wrked great untill it loaded the video drivers it found upon startup and then wanted to restart so I did and then there was nothing but a black screen. so I can get into the computer in SAFE mode and delete the video drivers and then restart, then windows 7 loads PERFECTLY then it automatcally find drivers for my ASUS 4890 VIDEO card and then wants to restart again so I do and it gets me back to beautiful windows 7 startup MUSIC and a BIG BLACK SCREEN. I dont know what else to do. I am not a pro but have some computer skills, I made it this far unlike that other guy who wanted to go buy a MAC..... forget that ( My name is Judacator and I AM A PC FOR LIFE!! )

ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe ......Motherboard
AMD Phenom 9850 black edition..... CPU
ASUS EAH 4890 1GB Graphics card
OCZ Platinum Ram 8GB DDR2
Samsung 2693HM monitor
Samsung F1 Harddrive 1TB
Samsung CD/DVD Drive
Rosewill SD card reader

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You can set windows update to handle the recommended updates differently than the important updates. Personally, I have mine set so I have to approve any updates, and I hide the ones I do not want, which includes the Nvida updates which messed up my system.

I can set it not to update or I can approve the update, but still I need an update of a driver that will make and reconize my graphics card, because i tried stoppping it from updating when it loged on and I did but then it didnt know my graphics card it, and I have a 26 inch monitor and right now it only loads full screen not wide screen and I cant change my resolution untill I can update my graphics card with a correct driver. Thanks fo rthe idea tho. - Judacator


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Have you tried downloading the drivers from ASUS, check below? Make sure it is the right card and OS.

There is a way to stop windows from looking for a new driver, but I don't know it off hand.


I tried both Drivers from ATI and ASUS they were the same drivers but I tried them anyway to see if it would work no such luck.


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Do those drivers load via an .exe file? Can you put those drivers in a folder then update the video card driver and point it to the folder?

You might be able to put a basic driver in for the card and then update back to the real ones.

Are you using the x64 drivers?

I downloaded the vista/ windows 7 x64 bit drivers from both, and I have used the drivers from my install disk, the drivers from my disk worked untill windows loaded the new drivers and then wanted to restart and then it went back to the black screen. .... I am almost there just have to convince ATI to make special drivers just for me ha ha well i will keep trying, ( mabey my install of windows was not good mabey i will make another disk from my ISO file I got


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I don't really understand why windows would continue to overwrite your driver unless it thought there was something wrong with it.

Have you tried rolling back the driver? Maybe uninstall the device and let windows find it then reinstall your driver.

Is there a setting in your bios for type of video card? Have you tried changing the "is PnP OS installed" to no, or yes depending on what it is now?

There are procedures for installing a driver package in the archive. You can find out which install package is being used by opening Device Manager, going to Device properties of the adapter, Details tab, click on property to open the list and look for Inf name about 30 up from the bottom. That will say oem12.inf or something like that. You might need this information if your problem continues and more procedures have to be accomplished.

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I will look at that to see if that could be the issue, I have nothing to loose since all I want is Windos 7 installed correctly is that hard to ask..... Yea probably thats why I am on here. Salt thanks for all your help. I have friends that build computers for a living and they cant help me out to much since windows is so new they have not messed around with it enough no know, wellanything help thanks


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Well, if there is a contest with your buddies, I will guess the driver you are using is not signed or Microsoft approved so x64 does not want to use it. There may be a way to ignore that, but I have to check.

Do you have the 8.661 driver from ASUS dated 10/28?

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I had the Asus driver 8.61 from 10/22

Fix 4890

:D Fixed!!! I am an idiot, unplug the second monitor cable! it loaded the graphics card drivers and restarted and I made sure the second cable wasnt pluged into the other DVI port in the card and it worked Windows 7 loaded beautifuly, and max out my screen to the fullest resolution NATIVE I love windows 7 its my fault I didnt remove the other cable to the other monitor before it finished setup :D

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