Audio Distortion And Stuttering when CPU usage is high.

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    When I'm on google chrome and i'm watching a youtube video, I often run into a problem where my audio is being distorted because the cpu usage is so high. Also, when i'm in a skype call, the people on the other end of the call say that my microphone starts stuttering randomly. I don't know if this is also related to the cpu usage. Please help!
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    1. Run a thorough scan with your Antivirus program, plus with Malwarebytes.

    2. Most probably the typical issue of drivers. Or one program colliding with another. If you have an idea of when this started, you could try the basic method of Recovery: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Backup and Restore >>> Recover system settings or your computer >>> Open System Restore >>> there you can find options, note the options to "choose a different restore point" and "show more restore points". Restore points are quite safe, but you may loose some later installations. Hard to tell. And if uncertain, you can always get back.

    3. What's using your CPU? You can see that by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously, then choose Task Manager. If appropriate, please provide some screenshots. If unfamiliar, you can get them by Alt+PrtScn, and then paste them. It's possible you have a power consuming program.

    4. There is a phenomenon called CPU100, which is quite a classic, meaning you have a virus or other malware or hoodlum eating your processor capacity. But such a one would most probably consume your CPU all the time. I don't see that as an imminent diagnosis.

    Can't give much more right now.
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